• 2017 Yoga Retreat

    Lima, Peru
    July 16 to July 25, 2017
    Early bird special: $2,975 ($3,100 regular rate)

    What’s included:
    9 nights hotel
    2 meals/day
    All transportation within Peru
    Park entrance fees
    Yoga practices

2017 Yoga Retreat: Lima, Peru

Kathy Flaminio & Laurie Ellis-Young invite you to accompany them on a spiritual, Peruvian Odyssey to the magical Land of the Incas and a Seventh Wonder of the World.

Our 10 days/9 nights journey has three parts:

We begin outside Lima along the Pacific Coast of Miraflores where earth and ocean meet in stunning contrast. Highlights include:

  • Wellness practices where sea meets sky
  • Working and playing with school children from Lima’s poorest slums
  • Delicious traditional cuisine in the home of a Peruvian family
  • Outstanding museums & shopping

Now imagine a place where land and spirit are indelibly intertwined; where the residents feel the surrounding mountain peaks are their guardians. This is the enchantment of Cuzco, The Sacred Valley of the Incas and Pachamama.

  • Practices in the spectacular ruins of Sacsayhuaman
  • Ceremonies in sacred sites with renowned Quechua shaman
  • Service opportunities in a school or orphanage
  • Free time in the enchanting city the Incas call “The navel of the world”

We prepare ourselves now for the unparalleled majesty and mystery of one of our world’s seven wonders: Machu Picchu!

  • Exploration of the ruins during hours of lowest tourism
  • Pilgrimage to the summit of Huayna Picchu
  • Meditation and practices in one of the most spectacular places on earth
  • Relaxing in the natural hot waters from the roaring Urubamba River

Dates: July 16 -July 25, 2017

Price: $3,100; Early Bird: $2,975

What is included:

  • 9 nights hotel: Double occupancy (single supplement may be available)
  • Minimum of two meals/day
  • All ground transportation within Peru
  • Round trip airfare: Lima-Cuzco-Lima
  • Entrance fees to Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu & sites in The Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Kathy & Laurie’s practices / Shaman / Serendipitous Surprises
  • Tips

What is not included:

  • Roundtrip airfare to and from Lima, Peru
  • Beverages other than coffee/tea/water (except in Peruvian home)
  • Free time activities
  • Meals during free time

Whenever Laurie and Kathy combine their talents with travel, there is sure to be special group bonding with fellow journeyers & locals, unique service opportunities, serendipitous surprises and transformational deepening that create a trip of a lifetime.

About Laurie Ellis-Young

A passionate yearning to learn about the power in her own breath led Laurie dozens of times to the heights of the Himalayas & Andes and to the depths of the Red Sea. Forty years of studying, practicing and teaching Mind/Body Therapies from ancient & contemporary traditions along with experiences working with diverse populations on five continents, convince her that breath practices transform people’s lives.

An author, SHIFT peace ambassador, founding Director of “Breathe The Change LLC” and co-founder of non-profit “BreathLogic”, she pioneers ‘Optimal Breathing’ as an empowering, peace-building, healing modality to be shared and implemented around the world. Photographer Nancy Chakrin and Laurie’s traveling photography exhibit “Yoga: On & Off the Wall” has been featured in over thirty health care centers in the Midwest. For several decades Laurie has led pilgrimages (Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, Nepal, India, Tibet, Bolivia etc.) fostering personal empowerment, planetary healing and global family. And just as important: Laughter & Fun! Having first been enchanted with Peru in 1981, she has hiked the Inca Trail three times and has led there over a dozen groups.

About Kathy Flaminio

Kathy Flaminio is the creator of 1000 Petals LLC a training and consulting company on the Science and Practice of Mindfulness and Movement. Kathy is committed to developing products and services that provide transformative experiences to help adults and children live a more integrated life.

Kathy holds a master’s degree in social work and has over 20 years in the schools As the National Director of Training Development for Yoga Calm®, Kathy has guided over 8,000 professionals to integrate yoga-based movement, mindfulness, and social/emotional skills strategies into classrooms, hospitals, home care and therapeutic settings. Kathy has partnered with the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s hospital to provide trauma sensitive yoga therapy for children and adolescents on the mental health and dual diagnosis units.

Over the past five years Kathy has worked with four of the largest schools districts in Minnesota to bring Yoga Calm® training to their educators district wide. In 2014, Kathy helped develop the Teen Resiliency Program in the Twin Cities with Dr. Henry Emmons and other physicians and psychologists. This program is a ten-week integrative skill based model used to support teens with anxiety, depression and other stress-related conditions.


“Laurie is a true inspiration and left a lasting impression. Her lessons on breathwork are priceless and that knowledge has made all the difference for me in difficult and stressful situations, and in everyday life.”

Torni JohansenUN staff member

“I’ve been in many retreat and travel situations with Laurie Ellis-Young and she is absolutely the most real, loving and positive person that I have ever met in my life.”

Mona NaimarkConsultant in design & graphics and Massage Therapist

“I have had the great joy of participating in three retreats with Kathy Flaminio and Laurie Ellis-Young and am so very grateful for the experiences. Laurie and Kathy are magnificent trip leaders and facilitators of yoga, breath work, and mindfulness. I found each retreat to be profoundly transformative, both personally and professionally. I engaged in deep self-discovery and encountered new found wellness practices including meditation, breath work, chanting, and goal setting techniques that continue to positively impact my daily life. As an educator, I very much appreciated how Kathy and Laurie taught us principles of breath work and Yoga Calm alongside how to respect local cultural ways of being as we served in local school communities. Laurie and Kathy also worked to create a supportive community of retreat participants that enriched our time together and depth of understanding. highly recommend a retreat with Kathy and Laurie!”

Sarah SkahanEducator in ISD196

“Kathy and Laurie create a retreat experience with a perfect balance of self- care, learning and service opportunities. We are given ample time to practice meditation, breath work and yoga, learn about the art and culture of the region and give back to the community hosting us. Their authenticity and kindness makes each retreat a life-changing event. Go! You won’t regret it!”

Chrissy MignognaYoga Calm Trainer and Owner of Winged Heart Yoga

©2015 1000 Petals LLC. Photos by Suzie Brockman, Katie Kenefick and Bill Arnold