To create fidelity and sustainability into your work, practices are most successful when done in a structured, consistent and predictable manner. Whether you are doing a 3-minute break or a 15-minute sequence, knowing the why and how will help you teach children the power of peace and resilience that resides in each of us.

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Tools for Breathing

Our favorite products to teach breathing. “How you breathe is how you live.” Pay attention to how you are breathing and it will tell you exactly how you are living. When we teach children the power of breath it can be life changing. Children will learn and feel no matter what comes their way when they have the tool to breathe through it and that is the key to a resilient, joyful life.

Tools for Moving

When we move the neurons in our brain fire faster. Moving is like miracle grow for the brain. However, all movement in schools and therapeutic settings is not created equal. In these settings, we need the movement that is going to create a relaxed alert state, not a state which needs “more movement.” Yoga based movement takes the spine and moves it in six directions-forward bending, back bending, lateral bending and spinal twists. When we move the body in this regulating way we activate and relax the body into its most optimal balanced state which is the best state for learning.

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Tools for Restoring

Everyday we need to allow our youth to experience a moment of stillness. It is critical we let them know that each day we want to give them a break, a “mini-vacation” to do “nothing” and in that “nothingness” we do everything for our brains. The message is, “There is nothing to do or accomplish. Just you being is enough. You are enough.” When children understand that they have the power to move from 0-60 AND 60-0 it will help them feel more empowered and in control.


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