Yoga Research

In the last eight years over 6,000 educators and related service providers have been trained in Yoga Calm techniques benefiting an estimated 35,000 children per school day. Results include:

  • Boost in attendance rates
  • Increase time on task – specifically reading time
  • Decrease behavioral referrals and thereby time out of the classroom
  • Improve feelings of community – #1 predictor of High School graduation (Search Institute)
  • Improve auditory comprehension in students
  • Ability to transition between classes more effectively
  • More quickly exhibit on task behavior
  • Improve ability to demonstrate reflection in writing
  • Lower classroom volume by 21db leading to less teacher redirection
  • Improve direction following, imitation, and choice making in early childhood after calming activities
  • 100% awareness in students on how to self-calm in 4th Grade classroom

—Action Based Research, MPLS Public Schools, 2007.
Evidence of needs met among students using Yoga Calm techniques.

Yoga and its Impact on Academic Performance

The Accelerated School (TAS) in South Central Los Angeles is a flagship school which integrates yoga with its teaching. According to co-founder Kevin Sved, “Unless you’re fully engaging the minds and bodies of the children, they’re not going to be as productive.” The results of the TAS approach confirm this: Between 1997 and 2001, TAS saw an amazing 93% increase in Stanford Achievement Test scores. Attendance averages 94% – very high in the LA Unified School District. In May 2001, it was recognized by Time as Elementary School of the Year.

Research Support for School Yoga

  • Improvement in Static Motor Performance (Telles, S., Hanumanthaiah, B., Nagarathna, R., and Nagendra, H. R., 1993)
  • Improvement in hyperactivity and impulsiveness (Jensen & Kenny, 2004)
  • Ability to relax (Agnus, 1989)
  • Decreased resting heart rate (Narendran, Raghuraj, Nagarathna, 1997)
  • Increased attention span (Zipkin, 1985)
  • Increased self-esteem (Slovacek, Tucker, Pantoja, 2003)
  • Increased bey and self-image satisfaction (Clance, Mitchell, Engleman, 1980)

Yoga and Mental Health

  • Activates parasympathetic nervous system (Ross & Thomas, 2010)
  • Increases levels in serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine (Ratey, 2008)
  • Improves mood (Streeter, et al., 2010)
  • Reduces anxiety (Streeter, et al., 2010)