Yoga Calm Wellness Training

To counter the impact of today’s high-stress, fast-paced world, Yoga Calm®, founded by Jim and Lynea Gillen, is an integrated approach to wellness curriculum used in schools, hospitals and community-based settings. The wellness trainings teach adults how to creatively integrate yoga-based movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness and social/emotional skill-development activities into their work with children and teens.

Educators, therapists and parents learn and practice practical, research-based interventions that impact a child’s focus, attention and connection to others. The curriculum is guided by Five Principles: Stillness, Listening, Strength, Grounding and Community.

“Yoga Calm has allowed me to be more effective in providing support to students in the area of social, emotional and behavioral development. Students have demonstrated increased respect, ability to follow directions, interact with each other and overall academic performance.”

— Area Learning Center Teacher
for Level IV EBD

An Integrated Approach to Wellness

Learn In Person and Online!

Our new hybrid and online courses allow you to begin your coursework as soon as you register, with online videos, readings and resources. This pre-work can be completed at any time before your in-person workshop.

It’s a great way to learn at a convenient time and place, and to repeatedly watch and practice activities!


Early Bird Registration: Register for workshops 4 weeks in advance for early bird discount!

Yoga Calm Certification

Complete the pre-requisite for becoming a Yoga Calm Certified Youth Instructor in as little as six months. No previous yoga experience is necessary, but weekly yoga classes (or home practice with videos) is required for all certification candidates to help you embody what you teach.

Stages to the certification process:

1.  Integrated Approach to Wellness 1-3 courses:

  • Wellness 1: Introduction to Yoga Calm
  • Wellness 2: Physical Connections to Learning
  • Wellness 3: Social/Emotional Connections to Learning
    (or the 3-day Wellness Intensive)

2. Practicum course ($350) – (, which includes:

  • Open book exam, Yoga Calm for Children
  • Log at least 20 hours of teaching Yoga Calm to children/teens
  • Submit a 30-minute video of yourself teaching Yoga Calm to children/teens
  • Develop and submit 5 Integrated Lesson Plans, one for each of the Five Yoga Calm Principles

3. Certification Capstone Course. This course culminates your certification experience with additional practice teaching, individualized feedback and coaching, an opportunity to see others teach Yoga Calm, and special sessions on developing your business and promoting your Yoga Calm classes and services for youth.

4. (Optional) Participate in Consultation sessions


Yoga Calm training participants receive a certificate of course completion, clock hours and can earn graduate credit through:

  • Saint Mary’s University
  • Portland State University
  • National Board for Certified Counselors
  • Occupational/Physical Therapy Boards

Yoga Alliance

Yoga teachers can meet their Yoga Alliance continuing education requirements by completing Yoga Calm workshops. You can receive 1.0 CEU per contact hour. There are no extra costs. 
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Would you like to bring Yoga Calm to your Workplace?

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What Others are Saying about Yoga Calm…

“What is taught here can help kids and adults. The added bonus for adults is that by practicing this [Yoga Calm] for ourselves, it will automatically benefit the kids.”

St. Paul MN Public School Teacher

“Personally, Yoga Calm has allowed me to be more effective in providing support to students in the area of social, emotional and behavioral development. Students have demonstrated increased respect, ability to follow directions, interact with each other and overall academic performance.”

Minneapolis MN Public School Teacher

“Anyone and everyone can benefit from this; our communities, institutions, operations, culture and quality of existence of all in our ‘global family.’ We will change for the better as a result. So empowering. Very practical. Effective. Relevant. Simple. Enlivening. Thank you.”

Minneapolis MN Yoga Instructor
“I am so excited to share that just one day of Yoga Calm training with Kathy Flaminio has dramatically impacted my Yoga teaching! I attended the Yoga Calm Wellness 1 training on a Monday in November 2016. The following Wednesday, just by implementing a few Yoga Calm strategies, my yoga class shifted from a chaotic to a therapeutic environment. My students, adolescent girls in a residential psychiatric hospital program, went from dysregulated behaviors of acting out, refusing to participate, or struggling with post traumatic flashbacks…to feeling safe, calm, steady, interested, connected, and engaged.”
Heidi-Yoga Therapist

“Completely changed my life – and I’m hoping my students as well.”

Minneapolis MN Public School Teacher

“As a Social Worker, I liked to learn new relaxation, breathing techniques and strategies that I can incorporate into my group/individual sessions right away.”

St. Paul MN Public School Social Worker

“I loved being able to move and stretch; I loved learning a lot more about proprioceptive regulation (as in Tree Pose) and also brain research – I am so interested in this! It seems perfect!”

St. Paul MN Public School Teacher

“I really want more people in my school to be trained in Yoga Calm! We do PBIS [Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports] but I think Yoga Calm in combination with PBIS would be very advantageous. I think it would benefit all the adults and kids. It would be great to do little bits of this at some of our staff meetings and sprinkle some of these ideas into classrooms.”

Minnetonka MN Public School Teacher

“I feel Yoga Calm is helpful to anyone teaching children, yoga, in a psychotherapy practice or even just parenting – the developmental and neurological component is extraordinary.”

St. Paul MN Yoga Instructor

“For me, personally, it has given me a way to re-focus and bring some calm to my day. When I use it with the students I feel it empowers them to find solutions to their own problems, recognize when they are in need of refocusing and provides them with strategies to actually implement relaxation techniques in a non-intrusive way with very little distraction.”

Minneapolis MN Public School Teacher

“Great, evidence-based topics and strategies.”

Minneapolis MN Public School Counselor
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